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Frequently Asked Questions

[trx_accordion initial=”1″ style=”2″][trx_accordion_item title=”Do I need to create an account or can I order as a guest?”]

It is not necessary to create an account, although there are many benefits in doing so. Benefits include the ability to review past and current orders, print invoices, return items and place repeat orders.

If you place an order as a guest, you will still be able to register an account with us later.

[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”What are the international delivery charges?”]

Delivery charges will vary by country. You will find them at the end of your order.

[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”Which payment methods are accepted in the online shop?”]

Our online store is outfitted with the most advanced and modern payment gateways on the web. We accept Bitcoin payment and direct bank transfer.

[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”I placed an order, but did not receive an order confirmation?”]

An order confirmation email is sent immediately following a successfully submitted order. The most common reason for not receiving a confirmation email is an incorrectly input email address during the ordering process. Please contact us for help: contact@testandtren.com.

To help us more easily locate your order, please provide us with the following information:

  1. Order number (found on the order confirmation page after placing an order)
  2. Name with which the order was placed
  3. Intended email address used to place the order
  4. Billing address or zip code
  5. Article number/s ordered
[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”How long will delivery take?”]

With our shipping system designed by the post experienced logistics experts, you can often expect orders to arrive within 5-8 days, but we ask that you allow up to 14 days for larger orders and specialty items.

[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”How do I track my order?”]

Tracking numbers will be sent to the e-mail address, provided by you during registration. If you are using a spam blocking service please make sure to add our email dress to a safe list, so that you may receive your order conformations, order status and tracking information.

[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”How secure is the online shop, is my data protected?”]

Your data is 100% safe on our website. Please check our Privacy Policy for further information.

[/trx_accordion_item][trx_accordion_item title=”Do I receive an invoice for my order?”]

As soon as you make an order you will receive an email to the address you provide at checkout. The email will contain your Invoice and the respective shipping information for your order.